Update Inside: Elon Musk sends in Tesla engineers to Twitter HQ to assess company's code

Assessing code is usual for a social media buyout
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Elon Musk at a gala
Elon Musk at gala

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Elon Musk, owner of Tesla Inc. asked engineers from that company to meet with product leaders at Twitter Inc, in a move that shows he will swiftly make a mark on the company he will privatize.

This from a story in Bloomberg, from sources familiar with the matter.

In San Francisco, earlier Thursday, at Twitter's Headquarters, product leaders from the company showed Tesla engineers the company's code system. This was a way to assess the company's needs and then explain the situation to Musk.

Twitters engineers could no longer make changes to code as of noon in San Francisco, the report by people close to the matter said to Bloomberg. This is not a public process and the people reporting to Bloomberg could not be names, as this effort is to ensure nothing changes ahead of the deal closing. Twitter enacted a similar freeze when the deal was first announced in April 2022.

A Twitter representative declined to comment.

This is a developing story and will be expanded on at a later time.

Update 10/28/2022

Elon Musk starts off his ownership of Twitter by firing the CEO and CFO, with some reports saying he started with "brutal efficiency." Other people at the company are calling him "Chief Twit." Whatever one may think of his management style, he certainly has performed well in the past [sic].

"The bird is freed," was his tweet after the $44 billion acquisition was completed Friday.

There are some contradictions in Musk's attitude towards Twitter and advertising in general. While he publicly says Twitter is worth 10 times the amount he paid for it, he has spent many month ridiculing the social media platform.

He states emphatically that he wants to make Twitter the most respected advertising platform, but openly tweeted once "I hate advertising."

The upside is that Twitter will see a stock increase, which will aid in keep investors who hadn't left the social media company on news that Musk would be finalizing the deal.

This all seems to be a whim for the Tesla mogul, as he takes the reins of Twitter, and opens to doors to a world of unknowns, about free speech, regulation, and responsibility to society. These are big requirements for an owner of a social media platform who given to whimsical and often reactive emotions.

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