Elon Musk Testifies He Is Cash-Poor but Donates $1 Million to Plant Trees

No good deed goes unpunished and the media was quick to point out that Musk's donation may have been dishonest.
Loukia Papadopoulos

No good deed goes unpunished, they say, and it can often be true.

After Tesla CEO Elon Musk donated $1 million to plant trees, the media was quick to point out that the billionaire had just testified to being cash-poor as part of a defamation suit.

Financially illiquid?

The lawsuit, you may remember, is from the British cave diver that Musk had called a pedophiliac. After the diver, named Vernon Unsworth, criticized Musk’s submarine designed for helping a soccer team in Thailand that had become trapped in a cave, Musk took to Twitter to call Unsworth a “pedo guy."


This led to a defamation suit that saw Musk declare himself to be financially illiquid and claiming he could not pay up. This would mean that his insurer, American International Group Inc., could have to step in. But let's get back to the trees.

The tree-planting initiative is run by YouTuber called Mr. Beast who is seeking to raise $20 million by the end of the year to plant 20 million trees. It was YouTuber Marques “MKBHD” Brownlee that pushed Musk to donate the large amount.

Musk first asked on Twitter about the type of trees being planted, to which Mr. Beast replied that it depended on the location but that the trees were being planted on every continent except Antarctica.

"Sounds legit"

MrBeast had already raised more than $6 million and is in a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation. Upon hearing that, Musk replied “sounds legit,” and pledged to donate 1 million trees.

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And it seems he has kept his word. As of 8:50 PM ET, according to the Team Trees page, Musk is now listed in the top spot with a 1 million trees donation.

He also changed his Twitter name to 'Treelon' and put a profile picture of trees.

This is not the first time the generous CEO follows through on a donation he promised to make on Twitter. During the Flint water crisis, he helped schools in Flint, Michigan install water filtration systems for their water fountains.

Does his good use of Twitter outweigh his bad? We will let you decide.