Elon Musk Tweets Out New Video of 'Release Candidate' Model 3

Shelby Rogers

It's short, sweet and to the point. However, Elon Musk's new clip of a "release candidate" Tesla Model 3 might be the last phase the public sees before the car hits production.

Teslarati reported that Musk held a conference call on March 16 with investors regarding his lacking beta prototypes. However, he did say that an early candidate of the car would be driven within "a week or two." So here it is:

Up until this moment, the only shots the public had of the elusive Model 3 came from very lucky concept car owners.

The tight turnaround between testing and production has some fans worried. With production slated for July, interested customers are concerned that Tesla won't have enough time to fully work out any kinks once these test vehicles hit the streets. Tesla markets the Model 3 as the more affordable alternative to its Model S. Estimated pricing is set to start at $35,000 USD.

As for drivers needing RHD versions of the car, Musk said they'll have to wait.

"Should be summer next year," Musk tweeted in response. "Sorry, really wish we could get RHD done sooner. We truly are working as fast as we can."

Ultimately, Musk said the Model 3 is getting more hype than it deserves. He compared it to iPhone upgrades:

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He was then asked why he named it the Model 3 instead of choose something new to avoid brand confusion. Musk said, "Because I was a dumb idiot and didn't realize at the time that it would cause confusion."

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