Elon Musk Tweets That He Now Supports COVID-19 Vaccines

So what'll it be, is he for vaccines or against them?
Fabienne Lang

Elon Musk's Twitter posts typically draw up a storm of comments given their usually slightly controversial slant. His words can either sway his faithful fans to follow his ways, or make people guffaw at their ridiculousness.

In true style, Musk took to Twitter on Wednesday 7 April to share his opinion, this time about how he supports vaccines in general "& covid vaccines specifically." 

Say what, Musk? The last time you even breathed a word about COVID-19 vaccines you said you and your family wouldn't be taking the jab. So why the sudden change of mind? Although this time, it has to be pointed out that he hasn't actually mentioned anything about him and his family taking the vaccine, it's still a strange turn.

Let's rewind for a moment for a little context. Back in September, Musk said in an interview with the New York Times' Kara Swisher that he and his family wouldn't be taking the COVID-19 vaccine, and was quick to dismiss further discussions about the pandemic or the vaccines. 

That wasn't the only time the tech mogul made controversial comments about COVID-19 and its surrounding pandemic. In early March last year, Musk called the pandemic "dumb" via Twitter, and he predicted the U.S. would have "no new cases" by the end of April 2020. 

Although, we have to cut him a little slack given one he used his Tesla Gigafactory in Buffalo, New York, to provide and deliver much-needed ventilators to hospitals at the start of the pandemic. 

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There's been a slew of other controversial comments and moves from Musk over the past year with regards to the pandemic, notably when he tried to sue Alameda County in California, where one of his Tesla assembly lines is based, after it closed it down to minimize the virus' spread. 

So even if Musk is a little late to the vaccine game, at least he's joined in its praises — something that'll hopefully urge his followers to do the same.

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