Elon Musk Voted as One of The Best CEOs by His Employees

Despite a rough year Elon Musk still seemed to have impressed his employees.
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The employees of SpaceX and Tesla have anonymously voted Elon Musk to be among the best CEOs in the United States. Workplace culture website, Comparably, has just released the results from their 2018 Best CEO Awards.

The awards are determined from sentiment ratings anonymously provided by employees who vote through the site. The survey ran from November 26, 2017, and November 26, 2018, with more than 50,000 companies featured in the survey which had over 10 million ratings.

Musk scrapes into top 20

News that Musk is thought of so highly by his employees might be a surprise to some considering the tumultuous year he has had and the friction that seems to exist between the relentless entrepreneur and his factory workers.

Musk came out at number 19 on the list. Musk joined General Motors CEO Mary Barra (No.49) as the two representatives from the auto sector. Musk failed to make it to Comparably’s list at all in 2017, so his ranking inside the top 20 is quite impressive.

SpaceX has more love than Tesla

Musk was also ranked as the 14th most sought-after tech CEO, among 29 chief executives that made it to the Top 50 rankings. It is important to note that most of Musk's votes came from employees at SpaceX, not Tesla.

Digging into the data, it is clear that the SpaceX employees not only voted more, but they also voted more favorably than their colleagues over at Tesla. SpaceX workers gave Musk an average of 83 out of a hundred, while Tesla employees dished out a moderate 77 out of 100.

Musk revered for his can-do attitude

Based on that number Musk wouldn’t have even made the top 50 Best CEOs. Observers have admired Musks leadership style that puts him right at the coal face of his company's problems.

When Tesla was working overtime to hit their ambitious production targets, Musk took to sleeping inside the factory so he could be part of every decision being made. He has also got kudos from employees for offering to test every new autopilot feature of the Tesla vehicles.

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Tesla factories potential hazards

While a cool job to have, it doesn’t have to be the valuable CEO that’s putting themselves at risk as a living test dummy. Musk has also had his fair share of tension with employees this year.


Most notably when Musk filed a $1million lawsuit against a former employee for alleged theft and sabotage. Musk also came under fire for potentially blocking workers right to unionize. The Tesla factories have also been under scrutiny for unsafe work practices.

Musk was asked earlier in the year by a Twitter user how much you needed to work to change the world. Musk responded suggesting that around 80 hours a week was necessary.

This kind of work ethic while it has helped Musk become one of the most famous and richest inventors in the world has no doubt put a lot of strain on Musk's personal life. 

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