Elon Musk's First Clubhouse Session Involved Cryptocurrencies, Future of Tesla, and Meme Addiction

The SpaceX CEO admitted that sometimes he just likes to "talk smack" on Twitter.
Donovan Alexander

Earlier this week, Elon Musk announced to his followers that he will be appearing on the exclusive social network, Clubhouse. During the "Good Time" chat, Musk discussed a wide range of topics including his love for memes, cryptocurrencies, aliens, the simulation, as well as the future of his various companies. Here are the highlights. 

How should we view aliens? Are there aliens out there?

A hot topic in the Clubhouse discussion was the existence of aliens. Musk chimed in, offering his opinions on the existence of extraterrestrials. In short, viewing things from a scientific lens, there has not been a "single piece of conclusive evidence", says the CEO. However, that does not mean there are no aliens out there in the universe. We just need some high-quality proof.

Notably, Musk's opinion on aliens is a bit at odds with what Avi Loeb, an astrophysicist and Harvard Professor, put forth in his recent book on alien technologies.  

What advice does Musk have for people who want to start their own companies?

He says "Doing a startup is like eating glass and staring into the abyss for a long period of time...If you need encouraging words, don’t build a Startup.” We'll let you decide on that one.

His opinion on cryptocurrencies 

Just like us, Musk wishes that he bought into Bitcoin much earlier. Nonetheless, he believes cryptos have a special place in our civilization. "I should have at least... bought Bitcoin eight years ago. I was a little slow on the uptake, there. I was late to the party, but I'm a supporter of Bitcoin," says the CEO.

However, Musk would love to see the altcoin #dogecoin "become a thing". 

"I find that most times the most ironic or entertaining outcome is the most likely. And to me, the most entertaining outcome would be #dogecoin becoming the new global currency."

What is in store for the future of Tesla?

Elon Musk wants to make electric cars increasingly affordable. His current goal for the future? The Tesla CEO wants to produce 20 million vehicles a year. This number is not random. He believes that this is the number of cars needed on the road to truly make an environmental impact. Overall, he wants to grow production as fast as possible. He also believes that further advancements in autonomy will help "increase the utility" of EVs.

No, Elon Musk is not totally against LiDar technology.

After admitting that some days he just likes to "talk smack" Musk clarified his overall opinion on LiDar technology, stating that it does have a wide range of uses here on earth and in space.

Musk talked with Robinhood's CEO about last week's "meme stock margin"

Musk jokingly asked the CEO Vlad Tenev if he is being held hostage or if he has a gun to his head. During the Clubhouse chat, Tenev reassured eager listeners that there was nothing "fishy" going on with the trading app after the recent controversy surrounding the company.

Tenev clarified that the trading company is part of the financial system and that trading US securities is a heavily regulated process. Tenev says that the company's external clearinghouse partner demanded it posts $3 billion in collateral to back the stock margin trades last week. He also dismissed rumors that Citadel or any other outside sources put any pressure on Robinhood to stop trading stocks.

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