Elon Musk's Starlink buys ad time on Elon Musk's Twitter

The employees past and present are calling it a Twitter "takeover."
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Elon Musk
Elon Musk

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Elon Musk, in a move to wrap himself up in a blanket of his own financing, has bought ad space on Twitter. SpaceX bought the ads for Starlink, and they will play on top of the Twitter platform's feed for one day in Spain and Australia.

The reporting is from sources at CNBC.

In a tweet in reply to another Twitter account Musk said of the deal, "SpaceX Starlink bought a tiny – not large – ad package to test effectiveness of Twitter advertising in Australia & Spain. Did same for FB/Insta/Google,"

SpaceX Starlink hasn't usually bought ad time on Twitter before, and the type of ad campaign the satellite company has purchased usually runs around $250,000 USD.

Twitter is generating more than 90% of its revenue from advertising, as advertisers are running from the platform. Many advertisers fear Musk will change the content moderation practices of the website.

There is a growing list of companies seeking their social media advertising elsewhere, just a few are General Motors Co., General Mills, Volkswagen AG, Mondelez International, Audi, and Pfizer, all have paused advertising.

In a somewhat mysterious statement, the chief executive at Tesla said he would turn the social media platform to pursue truth and do away with all fake accounts.

The ad campaign for Starlink is focused on Spain and Australia, leaving many to guess, why those two countries . The ads will pop up in those countries as soon as the user opens the app, and repeat three times during the feeds updating sequence.

There have been some well known issues with financing the Starlink satellite internet network especially in Ukraine. Recently Starlink had requested assistance from the United States government, saying they may have to shutdown operations in war-torn Ukraine.

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Musk has maintained that Starlink is losing money and SpaceX was burning around $20 million a month in order to maintain service in the Ukraine.

Since the deal to takeover Twitter closed on October 27th, of this year, the use of the N-word has surged by just about 500%, as reported by Contagion Research Institute said.

With all the advertisers in a mass exodus, fears of a bankruptcy filing might be well founded. Much sooner, in fact, then many who had predicted its eventuality under Musk control, had thought.

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