Elon Musk's Weird 'Elon Tusk' Twitter Posts Finally Explained through Rick and Morty Cameo

Musk's elephant references now all make sense.
Fabienne Lang
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It's fun and it's a great way of promoting yourself: get yourself a cameo on the Rick and Morty show. It also explains the reasons Elon Musk posted some interesting and intriguing Twitter comments in March this year

Everything is clicking into place since the fourth season of the Rick and Morty show has aired. Elon Musk's cameo appearance as 'Elon Tusk' explains why Tesla's CEO Twitter name had changed to Elon Tusk earlier this year.

It also sheds light on why Musk was making so many elephant references. 


Could it be a coincidence that the airing of the episode falls just a few days after Musk unveils his shiny new Cybertruck?

The Rick and Morty 'Elon Tusk' episode

Rick and Morty is a humorous, and at times hilariously educational, animation show for adults. Cameos of celebrity guests are a regular occurrence on the widely watched show, and its fourth season is no exception.

In their recently aired "One Crew Over the Crewcoo's Morty" episode, none other than Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk appeared — bearing ridiculous and hilarious tusks for teeth. 

Musk's cameo finally explains his bizarre and previously unexplainable Twitter jokes and name change earlier this year.

In the episode, Musk voices his character's speech. Named Elon 'Tusk', he is basically an alternate universe version of Tesla's main man, the only difference being the two big tusks protruding from the sides of his mouth.

But, as Elon Tusk explains himself, these two tusks help keep his ego in check, making him more agreeable than his non-tusked self.

In the episode, Rick and Morty and Elon Tusk carry out an exciting heist operation. 

One must wonder, however, about the perfect timing of the airing of the show, and Musk's unveiling of his new all-electric Cybertruck... Some Twitter followers are dubious, and are enjoying sharing their opinions about the matter: 

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