Teenager who tracks Elon Musk's jet sets up a new Twitter account, with a small difference

What will last longer, his new account or Musk as the CEO?
Ameya Paleja
Elon Musk

Elonjet, the account that was allegedly banned for "doxxing" Elon Musk's live location is now back on Twitter under a new name. To comply with Musk-led Twitter's new privacy policies, the account will post updates about Musk's private plane but with a slight change.

The original account, Elonjet, started off in 2020 when owner Jack Sweeney was a teenage college student and a fan of Elon Musk. In the past couple of years, though, much water has passed under the bridge, with Elon Musk first offering to pay a meager $5,000 for the account to be shut down and then even approaching Sweeney on how he could stop his plane from being tracked.

During this period, Sweeney has set up multiple other accounts that track jets of famous billionaires and celebrities but recognized the threat to his existence on the platform after Musk decided to purchase Twitter earlier this year. In response, Sweeney set up accounts on other social media sites, even though Musk publicly announced that the account was safe from being shut down.

Elonjet makes a comeback

A couple of weeks ago, though, the account was suddenly found to be suspended, following which Musk alleged that Sweeney and other media organizations intended to cause harm to his family. Musk further tweeted,

This was also updated in Twitter's privacy policy later. Although Sweeney spent some time on other social media platforms, he surely missed his 500,000 followers on Twitter and has now come back with a different name, ElonJetNextDay.

Sweeney's plan to post Musk's private jet updates after a period of 24 hours is in compliance with Twitter's new policy and what Musk has said in the tweet above. However, with Twitter being run as Musk's personal fiefdom these days, there could be a new policy that bars ElonJetNextDay tomorrow, and this is what advertisers are wary of at Twitter.

Experts believe that seasoned CEO at the helm of affairs at Twitter could add more stability to the social media company, but who could that be?

Musk points at a potential successor

Last weekend, Musk ran a Twitter poll asking people if he should step down as CEO. When a majority of people responded positively, Musk pointed out after two full days that he was yet to find a person foolish enough to take the reins at the social media company.

However, the world's most popular YouTuber, Jimmy Donaldson, threw his hat in the ring by asking Musk if he could take up the role, and in his response, Musk did not rule it out completely.

While being a content creator on a platform is very different from being in charge of a company's overall affairs, Donaldson, who is known as MrBeast on social media, has expressed his displeasure at certain Musk-led Twitter policies and could roll back some of the changes such as sharing links to other social media platforms, if asked to step up.