These Engineering Tweets are #TooReal for Students

Shelby Rogers

Social media can be a great place to remember you're never alone in your struggles. We've consolidated some of the internet's best moments to bond over. (Plus, it's a break from crying over mounds of projects.)

Like when this happens every single term:

Coffee is more than just a drink. It's a way of life:

The disappointment when your non-engineering friends don't get the joke:

One for the ladies who suffer being one of maaaaybe three girls in a course:

When you relate everything to engineering, even politics:

No, I won't endorse your 20 other skills either:

Nothing quite like sweet, sweet revenge, even if it is only $2 for a new stapler:

Engineering new methods to get to the right answer counts, right?

You said goodbye to perfect grades a long time ago:

But you know that if it doesn't plan out for you, you've got more career options:

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Via Twitter

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