What Are Engineers' Favorite Foods?

Christopher McFadden

Food, glorious food! It is essential to life and also one of our true pleasures. We all have our favorite cuisines but have you ever wondered what your fellow engineers' favorite foods are? With very few qualitative studies, we couldn't find any official ones, we are left with small sample size surveys and forum posts to "feel the pulse" of engineers' favorite food.

A cursory glance across the interweb seems to reveal a definite preference for certain dishes, food groups and some less than healthy diet choices. Of course, this is far from scientific, as you'll see.

Let us attempt a very rough and ready "report" of which food types cropped up.

What Are Engineers' Favorite Foods?[Image Source: Pixabay]


On the whole, there is a distinct lack of formal studies or surveys on this question. Searches show a plethora of food engineering websites, recipe pages and diet recommendations as you'd expect. This does seem to be a very popular question for crosswords. According to wordplays.com, a crossword answer suggestion website, the answer is "plumb pudding". This is probably a play on words for Sir Joseph John J.J. Thomson's atomic model, but hey, you might love "plumbs"!

For our selected sources, we used a variety of methods to compile the list(s). If a survey was conducted, we took the results in good faith. For forums, we used a mixture of simply counting the number of times a food type was mentioned. For forum posts, we simply listed the food items that were mentioned. Of course, this method is not particularly scientific but it's interesting nonetheless.

First and foremost this isn't intended to be an in-depth study of the eating habits of engineers, it's just a bit of fun. With that in mid let's take a look at what we could find.

Sample #1

One "survey" of robotics engineers in St. Louis, US does indeed reveal a penchant for meat. The surveyor Mark Colzani, works in a building jam-packed with engineers and he took it upon himself to ask this very question.

This "survey", though limited to a sample size of 138 engineers, does seem to show a trend. The results were as follows:

1. BBQ - 111

2. Steak - 11

3. Tacos/Mexican - 11

4. Fish - 1

5. Greasy burgers - 1

6. Pulled pork sandwich - 1

7. Pizza - 1

8. Curry - 1

9. Whatever my wife sets in front of me - Clearly a very wise and astute individual!

Being our only actual survey here, the results seem clear but may not be relevant all over the world. I personally can't stand Tacos, I love fajitas though.

What Are Engineers' Favorite Foods?[Image Source: Pixabay]

Sample #2

A quick browse through cookingforengineers.com showed a larger list of preferences, given its purpose as a recipe repository.

The most common food types appeared to be as follows, once again meat seems popular:

1. Fish  - 6

2. Pork - 4

3. BBQ - 2

4. Beef - 2

5. Chicken - 2

6. Thai - 2

7. Asian - 2

8. Dairy -2

9. Pie - 1

10. Pirozhki (A type of Russian "bun") - 1

11. Italian - 1

12. Lamb - 1

13. Coffee - 1

14. Biscuits -1

15. Noodles/Ramen  - 1

16. Poptarts - 1

17. Peanut butter - 1

Clearly, these results need to be taken with a "pinch of salt" but there is a definite trend towards meat-based cuisine from the forum topics. We would have expected coffee (we know it's a drink but it turns up all the time) or pop tarts to rank higher, but hey that's just us.

What Are Engineers' Favorite Foods?[Image Source: Pixabay]

Sample #3

After racking our brains for other relevant keyword searches, we came across therobotsvoice.com. It provides a handy list of ten food choices for "geeks", very very tenuous we know, but we like these foods too.

Ramen Noodles

Doritos and Cheetos (tie)


Hot Pockets

Pocky - Japanese cookie dough type snacks

Bagel Bites and Pizza Rolls (tie)



Easy Cheese and Ritz Crackers


Great, a distinct lack of "meat" here but a definite trend towards ready-made or quick to prepare foodstuffs. This we can completely understand when you have very little space in your day for "time wasting" activities like "cooking".

What Are Engineers' Favorite Foods?[Image Source: Pixabay]

Sample #4

We found another forum post loosely related to our question. Thanks to geekculture.com, comments on this feed show the following most commonly mentioned food items, some are no surprise, others might be. These are in no particular order:











Coffee/Tea - included as very popular though not a food





Potato chips/crisps





TV dinners



Peanut butter






At last some vegetarians and vegans, a few of the usual suspects here and some new entries. As per usual on forum posts the members got a little sidetracked, on this occasion onto the subject of mushrooms. And why not, each to their own.

What Are Engineers' Favorite Foods?[Image Source: Pixabay]

Sample #5

We conducted a quick survey of our IE team too, well just the author.  Again a "clear pattern" emerged, ahem:






Fast food




Roast dinners

With an enormous sample size of one person, clearly, these results are statistically significant. Reading comments from other sample sources, it seems the author is not alone in their meat/noodle/generally-bad-for-you food preferences.


Of course, with any survey/investigation, variables such as ethnicity, age, gender, location, sample size and culture will hugely effect or even skew the results. This is especially true of anything that relates to personal preference such as eating habits. Vegetarians and vegans seem to definitely be underrepresented in the above samples and is probably an artifact of the sites' targeted audience.


Using our very scientific and extensive research (*cough), it seems to be clear that the key to an engineer's heart (apart from fast food and junk food) appears to be meat or fish. Noodles seem to be another popular food item, I certainly eat way too much of them. Caffeinated beverages, albeit not technically foods, also form a stable of an engineer's diet, to this we can testify.

So there you go, our quick report on the eating habits of engineers. How does your diet compare? What is your favorite food? Are you surprised by any items listed here? Do you think this is representative of engineers' food choices on the whole? Let's start a conversation and improve our results.

Sources: bastiansolutions.com, cookingforengineers.comgeekculture.comtherobotsvoice.com

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