Erdstall Tunnels Do Not Reach From Scotland to Turkey, Contrary to Rumor

Important websites shared that Erdstall Tunnels reach from Scotland to Turkey but the truth is way different.
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The Internet is a big treasure, but sometimes it spreads much of false information, like one recent rumor that claims that the Erdstall tunnels ran to Turkey from Scotland.

Many important websites shared that the tunnels, mysterious underground passages, reach from Scotland to Turkey, but the truth is very different. However, there is no evidence about it, even in Ottoman records.

Source: Erdstall

The Erdstall Tunnels are amazing structures, and they are impressive. Whenever the researchers discover a new tunnel, the discussion continues that the mysterious tunnels may be connected all over.

Source: Erdstall

Erdstall tunnels comprise multiple unconnected passageways through Germany, Austria, France, Ireland, and Scotland. The story probably originates from an article published in Der Spiegel in 2011 about the mysterious tunnels which references to the research of the German prehistorian Heinrich Kusch. In his book that the tunnels were built 5000 years ago, not 12,000, like initially thought.

“A few radiocarbon dating analyses have also been performed, and they indicate that the galleries date back to the 10th to the 13th century. Bits of charcoal recovered from the Erdstall tunnels in Höcherlmühle date back to the period between 950 and 1050 A.D.”

We read many interesting things and watch documentaries about the underground cities of places like Paris, Istanbul, or Cappadocia, but they are all spread around 20 different countries, very different areas. Some of them are really famous and have become touristic places, having dozens of visitors like the Barry Troglodyte Village, which is a small complex of homes built underground in the south of France, and people have lived there for hundreds of years.

One is under the Giza Pyramid called Metropolis or City of Gods.

There are many underground cities and tunnels in Iran and Poland as well.

Source: Patrick Barry / Wikimedia Commons

Turkey is also home to many underground cities in the middle of the country in places like Istanbul, Ankara, Cappadocia, Aksaray, Kayseri, and Konya. Some of them are even proven to be connected to each other. Most of them are multiply layered and were mostly used as shelters, or even as fridges.

The scientists say that they were also used as secret ways to hide from enemies in war times.

Source: wildeastmofo / Reddit

However, there is not any kind of proof that the underground tunnels reach to Anatolia. Even in Ottoman records, there is no written information about the Erdstall tunnels of Europe.

Source: Ziegler175 / Wikimedia Commons

If you are into the subject and learn about ancient human-made tunnels, underground civilizations, and discoveries, you can watch this documentary:

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