Exact Replica of The Titanic Sets Sail in 2018

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titanic 2 design set sail[Image Source: Blue Star Line]

Funded by Australian billionaire Clive Palmer, an exact replica of the Titanic is being built by the cruise company Blue Star Line. The Titanic II features all of the luxuries present on the original ship, mimicking almost all of the design with a few modern touches. Not to worry about the whole sinking issue, as can be seen in the graphic of the ship above, there will be enough life boats for every passenger.

Cafe_ParisienCafé Parisien where passengers can enjoy lunch [Image Source: Blue Star Line]

The ship will certainly be a step back in time for many, a luxury that is not often found in the modern society we live in. There won't even be present luxuries like TV or internet, rather guests will be urged to enjoy some much needed separation from their devices and media. The bones of the ship are being built up to current standards; underneath the historical facade is a technologically advanced cruise ship.

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Bridge_Wheel_House titanic 2The Titanic II's Bridge [Image Source: Blue Star Line]

Unlike the original Titanic, the maiden voyage of the Titanic II will be from Jiangsu, China, to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. For those who may worry about their stay aboard the luxury cruise liner being sub par, even the economy rooms feature elegant interior. No word yet on what taking a trip on the ship will cost, but tickets are certainly going to go fast given the uniqueness of the opportunity.

There will always be those who worry about the replica ship repeating the fate of its original twin, but that worry may just drive sales up for a chance to sail through history.

3rd_Class_Cabin titanic 2[Image Source: Blue Star Line]

Even the workout room will be old-fashioned, featuring historically accurate equipment of the time period. The ship's builders are seeking to give travelers an accurate feeling of what it would have been like to sail on what was the definition of luxury at the time.

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While it may seem like a waste of money to some, the creation of such a ship is seen as a great way to remember the past. Judging by the amount of media coverage the ship's construction is getting, there seems to be a long line of future passengers waiting to take the trip.

Gym titanic 2 ship[Image Source: Blue Star Line]

If you have the money and want to spare no expense to experience the essence of luxury living in 1912, then the lovely state room is for you. From the finest of woods to the most elegant stone, no expense is being spared to give the first class suites everything one could desire. Designers have even created electric lighting and fireplaces meant to resemble their coal and gas counterparts.

1st_Class_Cabin titanic 2[Image Source: Blue Star Line]

Whether you are a history buff or just want to experience living a century earlier, you won't have to wait much longer. As mentioned before, the new Titanic II sets sail in 2018 and will surely make headlines across the world. More images and even an interactive walkthrough of the ship can be seen on Blue Star Line's website featured here.

original titanic sink[Image Source: Wikimedia]

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