Experts have an explanation for the mysterious glow over the Pacific

Is it the beginning of the end or just a normal day?
Ameya Paleja
Red glow over the Pacific.
Red glow over the Pacific.Ravi Prakash Kumar/Twitter

After the recent video shared by a pilot flying over the Pacific Ocean went viral, the internet has thrown up some interesting theories as to what might be the cause behind it, CNN reported.

Whether it is the rebranding of a technology major or the crashing of a rocket from space, the internet has a response to everything. Most responses are mediocre at the best, but some really stand out and can brighten up your day or even have the potential to become NFT-art in the future.

Only a few gems really get that honor from the collective wisdom (or foolery) of the internet, but that should stop you from enjoying the other interesting things that people may have to say about something.

What the internet thought of the red glows

The internet was abuzz with comments right from day one about what the phenomenon was. Some took to science fiction inspiration from Stranger Things to say that a portal to another dimension could be opening up at the site.

Others were a little more grounded in their analysis of the content and suggested that it might an undersea volcano. It was only earlier this year that we saw these underwater events shake up the island nation of Tonga and even make new landmasses at sea.

What was it really, though?

Not everybody was looking at the internet for plausible explanations, though. Some looked for real-life experts who could have more rational and perhaps even believable reasons for the sight. CNN reached out to Neil Jacobs, a weather modeling expert, who had a better explanation, and it also seems to boil down to some innocent fishing boats in the region.

Jacobs told the media outlet that fishing boats use red lights on their boats to attract the saury fish, globally known as mackerel. Apparently, the fish get attracted to this frequency of light, and this helps in increasing the catch for the fisherman.

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This was one possible explanation that we had also shared while reporting the red glow in the ocean last month, and so did other journalists, such as this one, who took to Twitter almost immediately with some proof.

For CNN, Jacobs even went a step further and compared the locations of the fishing boats with the flight path to demonstrate how the pilot was extremely likely to have seen some fishermen going about their routine work, just like the pilot was going about his.

The only people who probably didn't have a routine day were the fish that got caught. Especially given that their numbers are dwindling around the world due to overfishing.

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