Facebook FINALLY Removed Interesting Engineering's Ban from Fake Complaints

Trevor English

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IE's Facebook Page is Live and Working Once Again, Follow us here!

About 2 weeks ago, Interesting Engineering received emails from Facebook stating that our page's ability to publish content would be restricted for the next month (30 days). This was said to be due to a series of copyright infringement complaints that Facebook believed were justified. Upon initial investigation, IE was able to determine that these reports were false and fraudulent, but this was only the beginning of the journey

After getting in touch with all of the reported copyright reporters, and having them submit all of the proper claims forms, Facebook went silent and refused to remove the ban. By this point, it had been over a week since the Facebook page was shut down, and with over 6.5 million fans, that was a pretty big deal. We continued working tirelessly to remove the ban, and chased the solution down every avenue we could.

Today, May 17, the ban was finally removed, and our Facebook page is back up and running. The issue ended up being solved through staff at Facebook, and all of the reports were verified false. The fact that the copyright claims were proved false further verifies the authenticity and legitimacy of our verified Facebook page, and will help protect us from future problems. Here is the email we received from Facebook themselves.

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Hi [Interesting Engineering],

Thanks for your email. We have looked into this matter further and, based on the information you have provided, we have restored the content that was removed in response to the reports. We have also lifted the block against posting content that had been placed on your Page.

We trust this resolves this matter. Thanks for contacting Facebook.


Intellectual Property Operations


Thanks for sticking with us throughout this journey! You can stay updated on all of our recent content by  following us on Facebook here!

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