Facebook Launches College Student-Only ‘Campus’, Returns to Its Roots

Even if the students are not physically at school, there appears to be a new way to keep up.
Deniz Yildiran

Facebook is targeting college students to excel among other rival platforms and strike the younger audience's fancy. The international company has introduced Facebook Campus, on September 10th. The platform only allows college students to connect with fellow classmates and get better engaged with their community.

The reason behind the new platform sort of lies in the hardship the world has been facing since March. Most of the colleges in the world have adopted either a full online-class system while some preferred a hybrid one while very few plan to call the students back to the campus.


It appears unfortunate for some college students to be deprived of a campus life as it means missing out on many experiences both socially and academically. Facebook aims to reverse that. Just like it was first launched back in 2003 at Harvard as a campus social network.

How do you register and what does it offer?

Students who will be able to use the section will attain a Campus profile not very similar to their main Facebook profile. To register, students will use their college email with an @.edu extension and they have to provide their graduation year. Other information such as major, minor, and classes will remain optional.

After they finish creating their profile, students will be able to discover Groups and Events of their college, connect with classmates over similar interests. Only Campus users will see the content shared on the platform.

Students will be able to create their own study groups on a college-specific feed. The company obviously didn't want to hold students back from socializing either: they can plan virtual concerts to let it all hang out. Let's not forget to mention the Groups and Events section. 

The campus directory will offer an easy way to meet new people from your school. "Like in the early days when Facebook was a college-only network, students can find classmates by class, major, year and more," it was explained in the announcement. Chat rooms provided will be specially created according to the different parts of the college such as dorms, clubs, and any sort. 

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There is one thing that would not make the students happy for now though. It is available for a limited number of universities in the US. Whether the company will expand the list is not known yet. 

Edison’s social media study conducted last year indicated that Facebook lost its 15 million users within the age range of 12-34. And that might be what Facebook is trying the regain for now. 

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