Facebook's 'Meta' Rebrand Is Happening. Here Are the Best Memes and Reactions

In a rare opportunity to mock hundreds of hours of corporate strategy.
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Last week, we reported how Facebook was planning to rebrand itself in an effort to signal a shift from its social media focus to building the metaverse.

Facebook has rebranded itself as Meta
Source: Facebook

At its annual hardware event, the company announced that it was changing its name to Meta. Within moments, the internet was being populated with jokes and memes about the company's decision. 

Among the earliest to jump at the opportunity was another social media platform, Twitter. Taking a swing at all the ethical issues that have ailed Facebook over the years, Twitter pointed to its own Machine Learning, Ethics, Transparency, and Accountability (META) team that, according to them, consists of some of Big Tech's harshest critics.

CNN correspondent, Donie O'Sullivan phrased it better with this tweet.

Another Twitter user said, 

New York Representative, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez minced no words.

It was also last week when we reported that Meta, then Facebook, was planning to hire 10,000 engineers to build the metaverse. So, the name change also raised questions about who was consulted before this decision was taken. The internet came up with such excellent answers as the following: 

As well as: 

Highlighting the lack of creativity in this rebranding was this tweet. 

An alternate theory about why the company picked 'Meta' for its new name came from this Twitter user.  

New York Times author and Professor at UNC-Chapel Hill Tressie McMillan Cottom compared the name change to fictional names used in movies. 

Sharp in their criticism, internet users were also keen to share suggestions on what the company could be rebranded as instead. 

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Another suggestion was more apt. 

While another Twitter user suggested the logo design below.

Editor Molly Jong-Fast of the Daily Beast also criticized Facebook's history alongside its current desire to build the metaverse.

Comments about Zuckerberg in pop culture, however, would be incomplete without references to the movie The Social Network


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