Famous House Carved Out of a Giant Redwood Log

Trevor English

one log house[Image Source: One Log House]

The famous giant redwoods from California have been used to build creative tunnels for cars, and even this house built from one hollowed out log! The redwood tree used to build this house was over 2,100 years old and fell due to natural causes. The section used for the house alone weighed 42 tons and took a crew of 2 men 8 months of work to hollow out the inside. Initially, the 'One Log House' was built on wheels and traveled the US as a tourist attraction. Problems eventually arose and now it sits in Garberville, California, where you can pay US$1 to step inside and take a tour, quick as it may be.

one log house card[Image Source: Flickr]

I have set foot inside this log house, and it is really amazing to think that you are in a gigantic hollowed out tree. Due to the windowed entrances at both the front and the back, the cylindrical house feels cozy. Art Schmock, the original creator, wanted a traveling attraction he could take around the country, so the whole log was placed on a wheeled rig and traveled around until it reached its final resting spot in California in 1999.

The ineterior of the house features a kitchen, a dining area, 2 beds and a very small bathroom. You can get a better idea of what it's like to see inside below. Keep in mind, the interior could probably use some updating.

house inside[Image Source: Yelp]

Even though the log house has some dated interior, it is still a creatively fun tourist attraction and kind of a cool thing to say you have visited. Staying the night in the 'One Log House' is unfortunately off limits, so you will just have to make due with a quick tour, or maybe you could build yourself your very own one log home. Stretching 7 feet high and 32 feet long, this quaint house is a must see if you find yourself in the area.

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