Fan Makes Amateur Lego Cybertruck, Now It May Just Become a Real Set

The project needs 10,000 supporters to become a real kit.
Loukia Papadopoulos

When Tesla CEO Elon Musk released the Cybertruck, Lego playfully poked fun at the vehicle with a simple representation of their version of the truck. And one fan, clearly inspired by the joke, saw this as an opportunity to show his creative skills and made a very realistic, and rather impressive, Lego Cybertruck.

A well-made Lego structure

The structure of the Lego vehicle is so impressive that it can give the real thing a run for its money. It comes complete with doors that open and close and an articulated tailgate and hood.


This impressive Lego structure was made by a user named BrickinNick. It was posted on the Lego Ideas website, which means that it probably has a real chance of becoming a real kit.

Fan Makes Amateur Lego Cybertruck, Now It May Just Become a Real Set
Source: Lego Ideas

Lego Ideas is a website where people can post their ideas for Lego products. The community then upvotes the projects it likes.

Becoming a real set

If a posting gets enough likes, then Lego may just make a real set out of it. How is BrickinNick's project doing, you may ask? Pretty well actually, it has garnered 2,732 likes so far.

BrickinNick even explains why he thinks the Cybertruck would make a great Lego set.

"Tesla's mission has always been to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy. This aligns with the LEGO Group's goal of sustainability and leaving a positive impact on the planet. Still, EVs have only been marginally represented in the LEGO set catalog. The striking yet fun design of this LEGO Cybertruck would be an amazing way to get kids and adults alike excited about EVs and all the good they can do for our environment," reads the user's posting.

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Although we are excited about this idea coming to life, it should be noted that the site says it needs 10,000 supporters to become a Lego set. BrickinNick has 602 days left to achieve that number. And we're really hoping that he does!

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