FDA Has Authorized Two-Minute Antibody Test Kit to Identify Coronavirus Infections

FDA grants emergency authorization to company claiming to have a test kit that can detect coronavirus infection in two minutes, flat.
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EDIT: We firstly apologize from our readers regarding the honest false reporting. The company behind these two-minutes tests, Bodysphere, has announced that FDA has approved their tests and that news was shared across most of the reputable media sources. Later on, the company has announced a clarification statement regarding the false announcement. They have also removed the newsroom page from their website.

“In the rush to get the desperately needed test kits to the front lines, Bodysphere believed when the manufacturer’s product was listed on the FDA registry website, that was the [FDA] notification the emergency use authorization (EUA) was issued,” wrote Bodysphere CEO Charlton Lui.

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The Food and Drug Administration has issued emergency approval for a serological testing kit manufactured by Bodysphere Inc., capable of detecting a negative or positive result for COVID-19 in just two minutes, reports Axios.


FDA approves two-minute coronavirus test

In the U.S., access to testing for coronavirus infections has improved thanks to commercial labs, but the average wait time for a patient to receive results is four to five days — according to some reports, the wait time can last longer than a week, reports Axios.

Antibody tests approved by the FDA might help people know if they can return to work, and might also help researchers track the scale and death rate of COVID-19 — both crucial items in for current and future pandemic policies.

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The tests are especially helpful in deciding whether health care workers have moderate immunity to the novel coronavirus — which means they can return to work with lower risk.

FDA rushing to approve coronavirus tests

The FDA has rushed to approve tests developed by companies promising faster results. Last week, Abbott Laboratories was given emergency authorization to manufacture portable coronavirus tests that the company claimed could detect the virus in less than five minutes.

However, these fast-acting tests can only detect the novel coronavirus in those who've had the infection for several days, which means it can't be used at the onset of infection when the body hasn't produced a significant amount of antibodies.

This is a developing story in the search for new and fast means to detect and find treatments for people infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus globally. Be sure to check in here to stay in-the-know.

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