Ferrari’s 845-HP Formula 1 Winner Engine Is Now on Sale

Bring home a piece of Ferrari history.
Ameya Paleja
The historic piece on sale.Collecting Cars

All Ferrari fans out there now have a chance to bring home a piece of Ferrari's Formula One history after a V10 engine used in its winning season of 2003 has been put for auction on a website

A couple of months ago, a winning McLaren race car went up for sale. Used around the same time, the entire car with its original livery would have set one back by about $2 million. This time around, it is only the engine that is for sale and therefore, a much affordable item to bid for. 

According to the details shared by the auction site, the engine was dubbed F2003-GA to honor the Chairman of Fiat who had passed away earlier that year. The 3.0-liter engine has 10 cylinders capable of producing 845 horsepower at 18,300 rpm. Made from aluminum and magnesium, the engine is relatively light in weight and was designed to keep the Ferrari ahead of the competition that has begun to catch up. 

According to Silodrome, the engine development was led by Paolo Martinelli and Giles Simon while another competent team designed the chassis under the leadership of Ferrari's then Technical Director, Ross Brawn. As the season progressed, there were no clear winners and the driver's championship went down to the wire at the ultimate rate at Suzuka in Japan. 

Even as Rubens Barrichello won the race for Ferrari, Michael Schumacher did enough to secure the Driver's Championship by a mere two points, and the duo ensured that Ferrari grabbed the Constructor's Championship too. 

The engine for auction does not have pistons or other major internals but only comprises the block and crankcase, cylinder heads, and cam covers, the auction website said. It has the bearings and spark plugs of the original engine and along with the air-scoop made from carbon fiber as well as exhausts on either side. Unfortunately, the auction site does not have the details of when and how the engine was used during the season. 

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As Formula 1 now favors the V6 engines, this engine on sale has the capability to bring back the roar that you may have associated with racing cars in the past. However, with two days left for the auction to end, the competition is getting stiffer by the moment. Bids that began at €500 (US$566) last week have now climbed to €16,250 (US$18,402). 

If you are a die-hard Ferrari Formula One fan who wants to own this unique piece of history, you need to act now.  

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