Filo Lamp is adjustable to fit your personality

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You might see a light and lamp shade that you really like but after many months of it hanging in your home you could get fed up of it. The Filo lamp from Laura Modoni is different as its appearance can be adjusted to fit your personality and mood. So if you get fed up of how it looks you can just give it a new look by changing the position of the wooden sticks.


[Image Source: Filo Lamp]

Along with providing many a new look the Filo lamp is also eco-friendly and is pretty energy efficient. The lamp makes use of the latest in LED technology and it’s the result of many years of research undertaken by the Microelectronics Research Group.


[Image Source: Filo Lamp]

Changing the look of the lamp is very easy and you alter it to take on different styles simply by changing the position of the curved sticks. It’s more than just a lamp; the Filo Lamp is an artistic work of art that reflects your personality and how you feel.


[Image Source: Filo Lamp]

For instance if you want an alternative look you could adjust the pieces of the lamp so that each alternate strip of wood is pulled up while the other alternate pieces are pulled down. For a cool look to the lamp you could push all of the strips of wood up so that only a small piece of each strip shows at the bottom. Or you could have all the strips pulled down so the lamp takes on the shape of the trumpet of a flower facing downwards. You might pull half of the strips up and push the others down for a punkish look to the lamp. The choices are many and only limited by your imagination and your mood.

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