Final Fantasy XIV Player Died of COVID-19, All Global Community Players Joined in Memorial March

The virtual world doesn't have to be unsentimental, as was proven by this global virtual march.
Fabienne Lang
The gamers all marching together 132Skiper/Reddit

The current global situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic requires the majority of the world to remain indoors, away from people, and to carry out connections virtually. But that doesn't mean closeness and sentiment are abandoned.

Proof that human decency and connection are running strong was clearly demonstrated when all players of Final Fantasy XIV around the world joined forces online to take part in a virtual memorial march for a fellow community player who sadly passed away because of COVID-19.

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Communities becoming closer

The world of gaming creates strong communities even if players never meet in person or even see each other, they learn how to operate together, create bonds, and support each other virtually. So if anyone is going to be able to handle physical distancing and virtual connections during the coronavirus outbreak in a positive and strong manner, it's a gamer. 

This was further proven in the Final Fantasy XIV community. Unfortunately, one of their players died because of COVID-19, and in a heart-warming way to commemorate their fallen teammate the entire Final Fantasy XIV community around the world came together in solidarity to stage a virtual memorial march. 

via MEME

Footage of the moment has been going around social media sites such as Reddit, 9Gag, Twitter, Resetera and Meme, among others. Comments have been flooding in, with players voicing their thoughts about how wonderful the community is, as well as going down memory lane for those who stopped playing a while ago but still share positive moments of their time in the community. 

It's a beautiful memorial during a hard time worldwide, and it's instances like these that show how humanity prevails through hardships, even when they have to be apart.

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