Finally, a smart bed that makes itself in the morning

This smart bed can make itself. When you wake up and leave the bed, a weight sensor will be able to sense that and start the whole process.
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The title says it all, a smart bed that makes itself every morning has finally been made by OHEA, a Spanish furniture company. This will come as good news for a lot of people that love having their beds done, but do not necessarily have the time or energy to actually make that happen.

ohea smart bed video[Image Source: OHEA]

There have been several ideas as to what the next generation bed will be. Some people dream of technologically sophisticated beds. For example, there is a smart mattress that was recently developed that can track your sleep cycle and let you know how healthy your sleeping cycle is. What is more interesting is that the smart mattress can even do more by waking you up at precisely the right time in your sleep to ensure that you are in optimal condition during the day.

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In the case of OHEA, they did not opt for such technological sophistication. Instead, they approached it from another angle; they tried to solve a very old problem in a very simple fashion, the problem of making your bed in the morning. With OHEA, you will be able to wake up and start brushing your teeth for example, and by the time you are done, your smart bed will have done itself already. How cool is that?

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OHEA's smart bed accomplishes this task with the use of special pillows and bed sheets. The sheets are attached to some robotic arms on either side of the bed while the pillows are attached to cords that help raise them above the bed.

ohea smart bed[Image Source: OHEA]

When you wake up and leave the bed, a weight sensor will be able to sense that and start the whole process. Firstly, the cords pull the pillows up and then the robotic arms pull the sheets from the sides until the whole bed is covered. After this is done, the cords drop the pillows back on the bed, leaving you with a perfectly made bed in less than 60 seconds.

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