Finnish Demo Team Blew Up 'Rocket Car' With 70 Kilograms of Dynamite

A team of Finnish demolition enthusiasts 'launched' a rocket car into the air with 70 kilograms of dynamite. The twisted metal ruins of the poor yellow car now lie strewn across the countryside.
Brad Bergan
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A video recently surfaced on Youtube, showing a mock-launch of a taxi car that exploded with 70 kilograms of dynamite — packed into the Earth below.


DIY 'rocket car' prepares for its alleged 'space mission'

The Finnish demolition men begin with a montage of taping up sticks of dynamite — taped and buried underground. The idea — claim the demolition men from Finland — was to create a pizza delivery vehicle for outer space.

"Our Finnish space scientists made calculations that with 50 kilos you get to the Moon, but if you want to get all the way out from the solar system then it's 70 kilos," said one host.

"Our target is Andromeda Galaxy, so we need lots of boost to get there," said the shorter one.

The "rocket car" was retrofitted with what look like metal booster rockets out the side, with a metal plate behind the car, ostensibly to equalize the pressure from the blast instead of allowing the dynamite to explode into and through the car.

"The car weighs only like 500 kilos," said the taller demolition man.

Beyond the Press Finnish Dynamite Car Rocket
The demolition men spent six hours wrapping and burying enough dynamite to 'launch' the 'rocket car' into space. Source: Beyond the Press / YouTube

Preparing dynamite for 'launch'

In a symphonic metal montage, we see the demolition team wrap 70 kilograms (roughly 154 pounds) of dynamite into bundles, bury them, and then move the yellow car-rocket into position with heavy machinery. The rocket car has two wings and a fin. On the wings the words "PIZZA DELIVERY" appear, next to "SPACE" on the passenger and driver-side doors. The fin says "TAXI," with a series of concentric circles painted behind — perhaps their company logo, if such a wild idea actually made it into space.

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The two front-men say it took six hours to set up the launch. One of the men said the car would reach 25 or 30 meters high, while the other said the car would reach 40 meters, but would return as a "yellow blob."

Beyond the Press Rocket Car
The 'rocket car' just before launch. Source: Beyond the Press / YouTube

'Launching' the rocket car into oblivion

As if a countdown could be even more ominous, a voice commences the final count in Finnish — while the car rocket's engines begin to fire with the thunderous roar we've come to expect from any other rocket launch.

At first, the wide-angle view of the launch dwarfs the car under the sky, its orange-and-red rocket-propelled exhaust barely visible.

Beyond the Press Rocket Car Launch
The rocket car fires its boosters, which are quickly joined by another explosive cocktail. Source: Beyond the Press / YouTube

But then, the dynamite joins the party.

Beyond the Press Rocket Car Explosion Dynamite
Dynamite seemed to instantly envelop and pulverize the car. Source: Beyond the Press / YouTube

Aftermath, ruins of exploded car

Dynamite instantly enveloped the car, sending a plume of dirt at least four times the height of the rear-end-planted vehicle. Whatever survived of the "launch" probably did not land in one piece.

As is obvious, the car didn't make it anywhere near the boundary between our atmosphere and low-Earth orbit, let alone the Moon or Andromeda. The distance from the ground to outer space is 100 kilometers (roughly 62 miles) — so to get there with chemical propellant, a rocket needs to maintain a sustained and controlled explosion.

Beyond the Press Rocket Car Ruins
Chunks of twisted metal lie strewn across the countryside after 'launch.' Source: Beyond the Press / YouTube

While it's fun to see what happens when we try the opposite, a sudden, violent and completely uncontrolled explosion placed ambiguously below a doomed vehicle left only charred blobs of twisted yellow metal, burning into the countryside — and a big hole in the ground.

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