Elon Musk's Twitter reportedly asks dozens of fired employees to return back

They were apparently fired by mistake.
Ameya Paleja

Elon Musk-led Twitter is now contacting dozens of its ex-employees that were laid off in the Friday mass firing to return back to work, Bloomberg has reported.

Even before Musk officially took over the reins of the company, there were fears of mass layoffs, which Musk viewed as a bloated organization. Time and again, Musk has justified the need to reduce the count at the company, to keep it profitable, even though he has said that his Twitter acquisition is not about money.

Twitter let go of nearly 3,700 employees as its office remained shut on Friday, and the workforce learned about their employment status over emails or after losing access to internal Slack channels.

Some were laid off by mistake

Last week, Interesting Engineering reported that employees were expected to put in 84 hour work week after the new management took over matters at Twitter. The announcement that a 50 percent head count would be laid off came amidst these newly enforced rules, and many criticized Twitter's high-handedness as employees were let go via email.

As Musk is looking to revamp the social media website and find new avenues for bringing in money, the management also realized that it had fired some employees by mistake as their work and experience would be useful to realize Musk's new vision and are now being called back to work, Bloomberg said in its report.

This demonstrates how chaotic and haphazard the decision-making of the firing process has been.

What will the new Twitter be like?

Musk, who has only been in charge of Twitter for a little over a week, has many plans to make the platform popular again. In addition to the $8 fee that provides a blue verification tick on the profile, users of the subscription service can expect fewer ads, post longer videos, and get priority in replies, mentions, and searches.

The main focus, however, has been on what Twitter, as a private company, will allow on the platform. Interesting Engineering had previously reported that the Twitter account that publicized the location of Elon Musk's jet had created backup accounts on other platforms, fearing that his account would be suspended after Musk acquired Twitter.

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In a demonstration of his agenda at his newly acquired company, Musk tweeted,

While this might provide some solace to Twitter users, for now, it remains to be seen how Musk will deal with much more serious concerns, like hate speech and misinformation on Twitter, after the workforce has been severely shrunken.

Will we see more callbacks for content moderation team members, or will Twitter become the 'free-for-all hellscape' that most users fear it will turn into? It's all in Musk's hands now.

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