Fix a car bumper dent with some easy DIY

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If you have ever had a dent on your car bumper you will know how maddening it is, more so if it wasn’t your own fault. It’s bad enough if you prang the bumper but if you park in what you think is a safe spot and then return to the car to find your bumper messed up, it’s annoying to say the least. In some cases the dent may not be as bad as it first looks, however it looks unsightly and you will want to get it fixed. The downside is that taking it to a mechanic will cost you a pretty penny and of course it can take time to get the car booked in, meanwhile you have to drive around in a car with a crunched bumper. Well not anymore as you can fix a car bumper dent with easy DIY.

dent-bumper-hack-700x350[Image Source: Imgur]

One way of mending the bumper yourself comes from Sxpnthr, who posted his DIY approach to the problem, which anyone can do at home and it involves nothing more than putting the kettle on to boil. To take care of your dented bumper you will need a kettle full of boiling water, kettle full of cold water and some rubber gloves, then check out the steps below.

Step-41-610x457[Image Source: Imgur]

Step One

Make sure that you are wearing the rubber gloves as you don’t want to risk burning your hands when you start to pour the hot water. Now pour the boiling water onto the dent in the bumper. The whole idea behind this is simple. The bumper is plastic and the hot water will make it more flexible.

Step-11-610x457[Image Source: Imgur]

Step Two

Now that the bumper is more flexible you can work it and push it back into the position it needs to be in. To do this you will have to reach inside and then pop out the dent on the bumper.

Step-51-610x457[Image Source: Imgur]

Step Three

Once you have popped out the dent to your satisfaction you should then take the cold water and pour it over the bumper, this will cool the plastic down and help the plastic to shrink and harden to the shape that you have just made it, the original shape hopefully.

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