Floating Movie Theater With Socially Distant Boats Set for Paris

Drive-ins are fun, but not as much as sailing and swimming to your movie destination.
Derya Ozdemir
The photo credit line may appear like thisLe Cinéma sur L'eau

Drive-in cinemas have seen a surge of interest amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and as the dog days approach rapidly, swimming to your favorite movies might be the loveliest of activities that you can do this summer.

Next week, Seine waters in Paris will see the arrival of a floating movie theater where people can enjoy themselves in socially distant boats. 

The "Le Cinéma sur l’Eau", or "cinema on the water", will be held on July 18 to mark the start of Paris Plages, an annual event organized by the French capital, that creates temporary beaches along the Seine and the Bassin de la Villette during the summer.

Floating Movie Theater With Socially Distant Boats Set for Paris
Source: Paris


French movie theaters have reopened recently after being closed due to the ongoing pandemic, and in order to celebrate that with the start of Paris Plages, cinema chain Mk2 collaborated with Häagen-Dazs to create "Le Cinéma sur l'Eau".

Floating Movie Theater With Socially Distant Boats Set for Paris
Source: Paris

The organization will take place on July 18 at 7.30 pm with 150 locals gathered separately on 38 electric boats to watch "Le Grand Bain", a French comedy about a group of men who start a synchronized swimming team and "A Corona Story", a short film about the COVID-19 that won a contest launched by Mk2.

Each electric boat will seat four to six people

The press release by PR company Spark Agency stated that each boat will seat four to six people, making sure that the groups consist of family or friends to makes sure social distancing measures are met.

Also, to make sure that as many as people can benefit from this boat-cinema experience, another 150 people will be able to watch from deckchairs on dry land.

Lucky Parisians who are lucky to have the chance to experience such a movie-screening experience can enter a raffle for free tickets from July 7 until July 15. This is such an innovative offering that we hope other countries and companies will catch up to.


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