Florida Man Arrested for Buying Porsche With Home-Printed Checks

Is this 1960? How was he planning to get away with it? So many questions.
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A Florida man that goes by the name Casey William Kelley apparently purchased a mint condition Porsche with a bogus check. The man was subsequently detained the next day while he was trying to help himself to three Rolex watches.


Last Tuesday, Casey walked in a car dealership and cashed in a $139,203.05 check to walk out with a Porsche 911 Turbo. The man was, however, taken into custody by local law enforcement in Miramar Beach the next day, while he was attempting to buy several Rolex watches from a jewelry store, reports Palm Beach Post.

Florida Man Arrested for Buying Porsche With Home-Printed Checks
The eyes of a man who tried, Source: Walton County Sheriff Office 

Casey was arrested on two charges; uttering a forged banknote and grand theft auto. After he bought the Porsche, dealership tried to unsuccessfully cash in the check Casey provided them. After it bounced, they reported the vehicle as stolen.

Although, one could say that the jeweler was more vigilant. The shop clerk kept both the $61,521 check and the watches in their custody until the check got a clearance.

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On Thursday, the bank called back and told the clerk the check was devoid of any value. Subsequently, the clerk reported the attempted fraud to the police; however, Casey Kelley was already in custody by Wednesday.

Casey admitted to the authorities that he had printed out the checks he used from the printer he had in his home.

Kelley earned himself a place in Walton County Jail and was later transported and booked in without incident.

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