Florida Man Flies Learjet With Excavator Like a Toy Plane

This excavator operator took the aircraft for one last ride while probably doing plane noises.
Derya Ozdemir

There is a saying that some people never grow up, it's just that their toys just get bigger and more expensive. That was definitely the case with this Florida man who decided to use his excavator to "fly" a plane and have a bit of good old fun after it was off to get scrapped. 

A video shot by the user vice.aviator on Instagram, who works in the aviation industry, has been making rounds on the internet while shocking and delighting many people because of its unusual nature. The video has now gone viral across social media platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram.

The Learjet went for one last ride thanks to the operator

The aviation expert shot the video at Opa-Locka Executive Airport in Miami, Florida, stating that he saw there to look for a Boeing 707 which was recently scrapped when he saw the operator taking another airplane for a joyride. While the identity of the operator is unknown as of this writing, vice.aviator explained this moment of serendipity from his perspective on his Instagram page. 

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Vice Aviator (@vice.aviator)'in paylaştığı bir gönderi

He wrote, "After leaving the airport this morning after my flight training, I decided to go and be an AvGeek and go look for the 707 that was recently scrapped. After no luck, I made a U-turn and saw that a Learjet was about to meet its fate. Little did I know, it was going for one last flight... and not the flight I thought!" 

He truly was at the right place at the right time to able to capture such a unique moment on video. The video has now been reposted numerous times across all social media platforms, attracting hilarious comments and reactions from all around the world. 

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Another user replied, saying this scenario could be narrated by none other than David Attenborough. 


Some users had a very imaginative take on the footage.

This person was so right that they had 82K people agreeing.

One user wrote that they are adding "owning a field, buying an excavator, buying an airplane, and doing this" to their wishlist. It would be a hefty Christmas wish, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to try if you're not on the naughty list.