Florida Man's Apple AirPod Exploded While He Was At the Gym

A Florida man claims his Apple AirPods caught fire and the exploded while at working out at the gym.
Donovan Alexander

Apple's AirPods were the response to an emerging wireless headphones market. In short, AirPods are, in fact, wireless headphones but with Apple's highly recognizable aesthetic and innovation. Met with a lukewarm response, the headphones have been slowly adopted by Apple users across the world. 

With any new technology, there is the occasional hiccup. Recently, a Florida man claims his Apple AirPods caught fire and eventually exploded triggering an investigation by Apple into the incident.

The Exploding AirPod

While working out in the gym Jason Colon of Tampa, perusal, he was listening to music using is Apple AirPods. Suddenly the headphones eventually started billowing white smoke. Shocked by the event he placed the AirPods on some gym equipment and to get some help. When he came back to the AirPod he was taken back about what he saw. The AirPod suddenly began releasing black smoke, already popped open and blackened due to an explosion. "I didn't see it happen, but I mean, it was already fried! You can see the flame damage," said Colon. 

Colon's quick thinking probably saved him from any serious damage, even stating that he was thankful to remove the AirPods from his ears when he realized the immediate issue. Things could have been much much worse if there was an explosion inside the ear. The damage could have done a range of things to Colon potentially even damaging his hearing. 

Florida Man's Apple AirPod Exploded While He Was At the Gym
Source: WFLA

Exploding Apple Devices

This is not the first time Apple has had exploding devices. Back in May 2017, an Australian woman suffered burns on her face and hands when her beats headphones exploded, which was later concluded to be an issue with a third party battery installed in the device.

Even more so, a few weeks ago an Apple store was evacuated in Zurich after an iPhone 6S Plus began to emit smoke inside the store causing police, fire, and ambulance services to called to the scene. The cause of the incident is still under investigation by The Zurich Forensic Institute. Though the incidents are nowhere near as big as the Samsung fiasco it is still could be a cause of concern. Though this is considered an isolated incident, the details of the AirPod incident remain unknown. If anything, it could be another issue with a third-party battery or just a battery that has suffered from long-term wear and tear. Regardless, Apple will make it a top priority to figure out what triggered the incident. 

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