Flying drones could be the bartenders in the home of the future

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A design student from the Ukraine has shown off his concept idea for robot bartenders that fly. The concept was designed with the name of Yura for the 2014 Electrolux Design Lab contest. The idea of the Electrolux Design Lab Competition is to find ideas for inventions that could appear in the homes of people in the future.The designer said that the flying robots would be able to mix cold or hot drinks and then deliver them to you.


[Image Source: Electrolux]

The designer of the flying robot bartender, Herman Haydin, said that the main idea behind Yura the robot bartender was to make custom cocktails and deliver them to people. Yura is able to receive voice commands along with being able to take tasks from the sensory body screens or mobile phones. The smart robot has a cartridge that holds liquids which are used to mix drinks.


[Image Source: Electrolux]

The Yura robot comes with a computer brain, known as the Smart Brain, which is able to configure the power settings along with navigating maps, taking in voice commands, sending mail and downloading software. The brain part of the robot is able to work out the temperature of liquids along with the amount of calories, fats, proteins and carbohydrates in the drink.


[Image Source: Electrolux]

The robot also comes with spherical folding cups in a range of sizes and the robot is very quiet when making drinks and moving around. Herman said that the bartender robot was given the name of Yura in honour of a barman at the university where Herman attends. The robot is in the form of the Parrot AR. Drone.


[Image Source: Electrolux]

The winner of the Electrolux Design Lab Competition will be awarded with £4,000 along with an internship of 6 months at the Electrolux global design centre.

The Yura bartender robot was just one of many finalists in the competition, along with fridge bubbles that float freely and robotic fish that act as a washing machine.


[Image Source: Electrolux]

The washing machine fish concept has the name of Pecera and is a tank that holds robotic fish. Clothes can be put inside and the fish nibble at the dirt and remove it from the clothing.


[Image Source: Electrolux]

The U-Bubble is another amazing concept; this is a floating fridge in which you can store food. The U-Bubble relies on magnetic forces to float and the fridges can be controlled using a smartphone to open them.


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