French Artist Turns Barren Walls into Beautiful Photorealistic Murals

Trevor English

mural featured[Image Source: A. Fresco]

In our constantly growing world, beauty is often thrown out the window in preference to functionality. One French artist noticed that many of the surrounding building had very barren walls, and his imagination started ticking. Why have a blank white wall when you can fill it wither interesting and photorealistic visuals? That is exactly what A. Fresco did.

french buildings[Image Source: A. Fresco]

The French painter is so good at his work that it is hard to tell where the building stops and where the mural begins in many of his works. His work is focused on beautifying buildings and cities without having to spend a lot of money on new architecture and designs. There is no question that his amazing murals add tons of values to the lucky buildings. If you want to see more of his work, keep scrolling below, or you can check out his website (in French) here.