Frustrated Engineer Asks for Engineering Books for His Child

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The story of a construction foreman has gone viral after it was shared by his civil engineer boss. The foreman is a father of six and has always had the dream of becoming an engineer. Due to lack of financing, he was never able to fulfill this dream, so he went into the construction field. Now struggling to get by on a foreman's salary, his son is pursuing a mechanical engineering degree fulfilling his father's dreams, but with one big problem: he can't afford books.

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The foreman in desperation of helping his son, asked his boss, J. Dipasupil, if he could help by donating any old books. His boss, a civil engineer, decided to buy the foreman's son a book but due to their high cost he could only afford one. Translated and paraphrased, this is what the foreman said:

'I used to dream of becoming a mechanical engineer but my parents did not have enough money to finance my education. My child is a freshman student in Taguig College. He studies really hard and even goes to school without money to buy food. Being able to Learn everyday is enough to make him happy. Last time my child needed to buy a book, I had no money. It hurts to see your child cry because you cannot buy what he needs at school. My child only needs two books.' - Mr. Renie, Foreman

So J. Dipasupil turned to Facebook, sharing the foreman's story with all of his friends. Since then it has been shared almost 50,000 times and liked by over 80,000 people. Engineers are coming out of the woodwork hoping they can help out the struggling engineering student.

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You can check out the post here if you want to help out the engineer by sending a book or maybe just something that would encourage the family. We have all been there after all as buying books for university can get very expensive. Often, just affording the tuition or making it to school isn't enough, books represent a large portion of the cost of a higher education. The high cost of education is unfortunately what keeps people from achieving the job of their dreams, but it shouldn't be that way.

Part of being an engineer is helping other's achieve their dreams of engineering as well. As fellow classmates, engineers, and leaders in the technical field, take today and reach out to another. Whether financially or through encouragement, today's workers have the ability to help others reach their dreams too.

Hopefully seeing how many people have reached out to help the struggling family and mechanical engineering student will restore a little bit of your faith in humanity. If it hasn't however, take it upon yourself to be the change in society that you want to see. Helping others through construction, mechanical design and all other fields is what engineering is about. Your work, whatever it may be, has the power to impact others, it just takes a little more effort on your end.

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