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Tech and gaming fans may be pleased to know that they don't have to stick the same furniture and decor in their home that everyone else owns. They can actually fill up their homes with fun gaming related and techy furniture. So with this in mind, here is some fun furniture and decor for tech and video game fans. There is anything and everything here, from quirky PacMan chairs to Pod furniture and gaming pods that are fully immersive and which are packed with the latest in technology.

Scrabble sofa with cushions

Scrabble fanatics will fall in love with the scrabble sofa and cushions, designed by Stephen Reed. This piece of furniture has been designed around the letter rack used in the Scrabble game, along with tiles on it. If you have a room that is large enough you can go out and purchase enough of them to collect the set and then use the cushions on the floor to play Scrabble, unless of course someone has designed a rug in the shape of the Scrabble board?

PacMan, Poufman Living Room Set

Retro gaming fans may find this PacMan, or rather Poufman Living Room Set, the perfect item on which to rest after playing hours on their favourite game. The set has been designed by Qayot in wood and elasticized fabric and what’s more the units can be linked together to make up a seating area that is larger, if needed. The units come in dark red, turtledove, black and white.

Minority Report fan? Touch Sensitive table display

If you loved the haptic terminal tech used in the film Minority Report by Tom Cruise you will love this bit of tech. This next piece of furniture is half way there as it is a touch sensitive display in the form of a table. Two leaders in this type of tech are HTP Labs Misto and the Microsoft Surface.

Lounge on the Wave Chaise

The Wave Chaise takes on the appearance of a weird looking flying carpet for the 21st century. This is a multimedia seat that has been designed with teens in mind and also comes with a table that can be used for a PC. There is padded seating and a large monitor built in, along with space for holding CDs and other items.

The Gravitonus Ergonomic Workstation iClubby

The Gravitonus Ergonomic Workstation iClubby looks like it could be used for torture of some kind but it is actually a workstation. You may remember something similar (if not exactly the same) in the hit film Grandma's Boy. The body is supported ergonomically and features to the Matrox Triplehead to mount the monitors. Along with this it also offers gravity-field alignment.

The Ovei Multimedia Pod

The Ovei multimedia pod is the perfect sanctuary for gamers to hide from the world. This piece of furniture is eye catching and comes with built in sophisticated LED lighting, along with its own cooling system. However it may be out of reach of the majority of gamers, it has a price tag of $100,000. But for this kind of money you can have the Ovei pod tailored to suit your needs by McCormack and partners McLaren Applied Technologies.

image-20[Image Source: McCormackdesign]

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