Futuristic Florida Thief Robs Walmart Blind on Hover Shoes

Florida man with a pair of hover shoes rolled into a Walmart, stuffed his cart, and rolled right back without paying anything.
Derya Ozdemir

Florida police are on the hunt for the bold Walmart thief who rolled his way through the store on hover shoes while swiping whatever his heart desired. 

As reported by the Winter Haven Police Department in a Facebook post on January 15th, the hover shoe thief loaded his shopping cart with a TV and several other electronics. In addition to those, he also had various paints and a bouquet of flowers. Much like the police department, we also wonder who his lucky partner is.

He eventually leaves without going to the cash register and glides right out the door without paying. A smooth-sailing criminal indeed!


The police department talked about the man rather jokingly, "Back to the Future’s McFly he’s not! But his Hover Shoes, Voyagers, Moto Kicks, Space Shoes or whatever you want to call them, makes him our first futuristic thief!”

Futuristic or not, a crime is a crime at the end of the day. “We poke fun, but stealing IS a crime and we want to get this guy and his shoes in custody,” the department added.

The man appears to be rather young and might be in his late 20s or 30s. He was last seen wearing a green beanie with a checked black and white shirt, and dark-colored pants. And of course, he was wearing black hover shoes.

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Florida police are looking for people who might recognize him or his shoes. Callers are guaranteed anonymity and there is even a cash reward included.

While he looks like he is above the law and normal shoes, his sliding times will be rather short-lived, it seems. 

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