Fuut: The under the desk hammock for your feet

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There are numerous gadgets and gizmos on the market for the office that sit on the desktop and amuse you. There are some, such as the USB fan, that are actually useful but what about a gadget for under the desk that can ease the issue about what do with your feet? Well say hello to the Fuut, a nifty little foot hammock.


[Image Source: Connect Design]

If you have ever stretched out in a hammock you will know how relaxing and comfortable it can be.  Well now there is the Fuut foot hammock which goes under your desk and lets you put your feet up as you work. It’s a mini hammock just for feet and you raise and lower the hammock as you see fit. When you are working, the hammock can be lowered almost to the ground and the soles of your feet can rest on it. When you want to sit back with your cup of coffee at your break, you can higher the foot hammock and stretch your legs out.


[Image Source: Connect Design]

This is a nifty little accessory that puts an end with what to do with your feet while sat working at a desk. Anyone who sits at a desk for many hours a day will have come across the issue of what to do with and where to put their feet. You start off with your feet flat on the floor and then as time goes on perhaps stretch out your legs and cross your ankles in front of you under the desk. You might even wrap your feet around your chair legs to the sides. You just cannot get your feet comfortable after a while. The Fuut foot hammock does away with this as it is relaxing and comfortable for the feet.


[Image Source: Connect Design]

While there are many great office gadgets, the Fuut foot hammock does happen to be among one of the most desirable for the office environment. The Futt hammock is available in a range of different colours for just $30.


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