Gamer Unlocks Secret Mortal Kombat Menu More than 20 Years Later

A secret code involving a series of buttons has unlocked long-awaited secrets on the Mortal Kombat arcade game. Gamers who have been fans of the industry-changing game since its start around 25 years ago, are excited to find out many unanswered questions about everything from endings to character background information.
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For gamers, advancing to the next level can be a life or death occupation, while unlocking a special code or secret level is the stuff of legends. This is especially true for fans of the video game Mortal Kombat. 

Although Midway Games developed an arcade and later game system version of the game, it was the arcade game—with three versions (Mortal Kombat I, II III)—that appeared during the pre-Internet era of the early 1990s, that pulled in so many gamers because of its realistic interface, compared to many other games of the same era. CEO Gregory Fischbach explains the phenomenon of Mortal Kombat that began from its inception in 1992: "It was the beginning of video games coming of age. At one point in time, games were just meant for children, and nobody really took them seriously. But it was with the launch of Mortal Kombat that people who controlled the media began to look at it differently."

Gamer Unlocks Secret Mortal Kombat Menu More than 20 Years Later
Source: YourMKArcadeSource/YouTube

So, Why the 20-Year Delay?

After the codes were revealed by members of Cutting Room Floor, a website dedicated to finding and deciphering all things related to video games, many wondered why it took more than 20 years to discover them. The answer lies with Ed J. Boon, the original creator of the game. The menu is aptly titled EJB Menu. Cutting Room went on to explain that the 20-year delay could be explained by the fact that even if a player had pressed the buttons in the correct sequence through guessing it, the fact that the codes must be entered very fast.

The actual code involves rapidly striking a series of buttons on the control pad, alternating between the Player One and Player Two buttons. Even more satisfying for gamers is that the options offered to users vary between each version of Mortal Kombat: from the menu of one version, one can learn the fate of different characters, while in another version it’s possible to access characters which are normally hidden.

With the news of the codes, everyone is getting involved in trying them out and showing how they work, and even videos have been popping up, mainly on YourMKArcadeSource, the owners of which created a YouTube account for this purpose alone.

Gamers can visit their channel to learn about the latest discussions about the Mortal Kombat arcade game, and even watch interactive videos that explain the various parts of the arcade game, from the marquee, to the monitor, to the gameboard.

With this menu, classic video gamers hope that there will be a newfound interest in this game franchise, which according to many sources, changed the gaming industry.


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