Gamers Take the Hong Kong Protests to Grand Theft Auto V Online

Gamers have been dressing up like protesters and causing havoc in the game.
Loukia Papadopoulos
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Anti-government protests have been taking over Hong Kong and it does not seem that they will be stopping any time soon. Now, it seems the protests have gone from the streets to the virtual world of video games.


Glory to Hong Kong

In the latest protest news, gamers have been dressing up like protesters in Grand Theft Auto V Online and causing havoc in the game. As the new Diamond Casino Heist offers more clothing options, gamers are choosing items that resemble the protestors' outfits.

A crew named Stand With Hong Kong on the online forum LIHKG has been encouraging people to buy a set of clothing that they call the “Glory to Hong Kong” suit and join them in protest. The gamers dress up and then trash subway stations and throw Molotov cocktails at police cars.

Grand Theft Auto V is not the only game to be involved in the protests. There has been a series of games taking part in the riots even some that let players attack protestors.

Why? According to Jane Lam, one of the developers and a spokesperson of the riots game “Liberate Hong Kong," the games give you "an experience you can’t get from reading news or watching live on TV about the protests."

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Not just a game

Lam also says the games can be used to raise international awareness for Hong Kong’s protesters and keep them fighting for their cause. “We want to emphasize this is not a game,” she said.

“We don’t want anyone to feel they have achieved something in this virtual world. We hope they can return to streets after playing this,” she added.

When it comes to Grand Theft Auto V, the online fights seem to have taken a turn for the worst as mainland players and Hong Kong players have taken to social media to aim threats at each other.

With the game offering no limits to the violence that can take place we have to wonder, how far will this conflict go?

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