Garage Builds a 14-Wheeler in a Way You Never Would Have Imagined

Is this what dreams are made of?
Ameya Paleja
The end product.Garage 54

We strive to bring you stories that bring out the best from the engineering world and put the spotlight on marvels that humans have built. This is not one of those stories. Rather, it just showcases that humans can build literally anything they set their minds to. 

The video that follows comes from the team at Garage 54, a workshop in Russia with a decent YouTube following. Through their videos, the team has answered some of the most bizarre questions when it comes to automobiles, like can square wheels work or what will happen if you put a metal ball inside a combustion chamber. Their latest quest was to build a 14-wheeled Monster Lada, which they did but in a very unusual way. 

Making a three-level pyramid out of those 14-wheels is quite a quirky design and definitely gets your attention. The team manages to put them together in a way where they do not have to make any changes to the drive train. However, lifting the car up by a few feet on the rear requires a balancing act at the front, which is done by these massive monster truck wheels.

Where Garage 54 deserves an appreciation the most is the amount of effort they put in to bring the concept into reality and not just with store-bought parts. There is some satisfaction in putting together a mechanism with what you have available at hand, and making it work, even if a little wonky. 

Yes, the modified Lada here is not perfect and you will know what we are talking about when you see leaving the garage for a spin. There are a lot of spinning parts on this drive and with no suspension on this vehicle, you need to be prepared for a 'bouncy ride' as well. 

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Clearly, the team at Garage 54 is just having fun at work and might even fix a few issues here and there to make it more comfortable in the future. For now, we can give them full marks for their dedication, hard work, and entertainment from this design. Where they get their ideas from is something we would like to know more about. 

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