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Sometimes you come across places in the world that can only be described as jaw dropping. The Gardens by the Bay in Singapore is definitely one of these places; it is so surreal that a visit there will have you nipping yourself to wakeup from a dream. The gardens are a billion dollar techno-garden theme park that is absolutely stunning.


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There are numerous attractions at the Gardens by the Bay. However two of them do stand out. These are the Supertree Grove which is a collection of huge cyborg looking trees and the Cloud Forest, a large bio-dome that recreates the environment along with the climate of a forest on a mountain top. You can also lay your eyes on the tallest indoor waterfall in the world.


[Image Source: Gardens by the Bay]

The Marina Bay in Singapore offers views that are stunning wherever you look. Here you see the Esplanade theatre skyscrapers that are shaped like imposing shards and which signify the financial district. There is the Art Science museum that is shell shaped and which takes over and dominates the skyline. There is also the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, which takes on the appearance of a giant cruise ship that has been beached and come to rest on top of three giant columns.


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To top it all off there is the Gardens by the Bay, which was constructed in 2012 behind the hotel and which is even more magical - a billion dollar piece of artwork that takes its inspiration from nature. As soon as you step over the threshold and into the park you could be forgiven for thinking that you have stepped into an alien world.

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[Image Source: Gardens by the Bay]

One of the main attractions are the Supertrees which stand at 20 to 50 meters tall. Each of the trees is a vertical garden in its own right with ferns, orchids, vines and many other plants creeping over the skeletal structures.


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[Image Source: Gardens by the Bay]

Each of the trees mimics all the functions of a real tree with photovoltaic cells to echo photosynthesis which contributes to the energy needed to run the park. They can also collect water from the rains that are frequently heavy and channel the water all over the park. Some of the trees are also used as the exhaust flumes for the biomass boilers which are located underground.


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Visitors to the park are able to take the elevator to the skywalk which rests between two of the biggest of the trees where the view over the gardens is incredible.

The Cloud Forest is situated in two bio-domes that are climate controlled. There is the Flower Dome which offers a climate of between 23 to 25 degrees Celsius and is home to a range of plants from Australia, Mediterranean, South America and South Africa regions.


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The Cloud Forest features a man-made mountain inside the dome that is controlled to offer cool conditions that are found on tropical mountains around 1,000 to 3,000 meters above sea level. As soon as you enter there is a blast of cool air and then you catch your first glimpse of the tallest indoor waterfall in the world. This sends down mist and water from 35 meters above.


[Image Source: Gardens by the Bay]

An elevator will take you to the top level; this is where you can find a fern, mossy garden that looks like a lost world. Visitors are able to circle the mountain thanks to a series of skyways offering views that are nothing short of spectacular. You can see the mountain, the facility, and out over the bay.


[Image Source: Gardens by the Bay]


[Image Source: Gardens by the Bay]

You can stop your journey half way down the mountain and take in the Crystal Mountain Cave. Here there are stalactites, stalagmites and crystals that have been hollowed out. There is also a video presentation room that shows the effect of the changes to the climate on mountain top environments.


[Image Source: Gardens by the Bay]

The whole experience is stunning and well worth the ticket price of US$22.40, which also provides you with access to the Flower Dome.


[Image Source: Gardens by the Bay]

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