This Kid's Genius Trick to Avoiding Punishment Will Make You Regret Writing Lines

One brilliant plot by a six-year-old girl went viral. As a punishment, she had to write "I will make better choices." She most certainly did!
Shelby Rogers

A typical punishment for teachers to instill on students is writing the same line an absurd amount of times to make a point.

From Bart Simpson scrawling on a chalkboard to Harry Potter getting sentences marked on his hand, this always seems like a student's worst nightmare.

However, one six-year-old girl made us troublemakers regret actually writing our lines.

studenttrick[Image Courtesy of Reddit]

This photo went viral. The lines start simply, with "I will make better choices" neatly written by the teacher on the top line.

Then, little Isabella Collier decided to get really creative. After writing the line four times, she found a way to circumvent the rest of the punishment. She noticed that any letter with a straight line can be drawn all the way down the page.

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A friend of Isabella's mother posted the image to Reddit where it quickly went viral.

"My friend's kid is going places," the post read. We couldn't agree more.

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We really hope she wasn't punished for her innovative idea. We're just kicking ourselves for not thinking of this first.

Via Reddit, Huffington Post

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