German Pilot Celebrates COVID-19 Vaccine, Flying in Shape of Syringe

He even traced the shape of a liquid drop on the needle’s tip.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Last March, we covered the story of an Austrian pilot who took to the skies to trace the words STAY HOME reminding people of the important COVID-19 measures of safety. Now, a German pilot has traced another COVID-19 related message.


An amateur pilot

20-year-old Samy Kramer traced a giant syringe with his plane in the skies above Baden-Wuerttemberg to celebrate the arrival of COVID-19 vaccines in Germany. This is especially impressive considering he is only an aviation student yet to graduate. 

The flight saw the student pilot perform a couple of difficult 90-degree turns. In total, it lasted one hour and 40 minutes and covered around 170 miles (280 kilometers) of land.

"I wanted to give people food for thought for the day the vaccine became available," Kramer told AFP on Sunday. The impressive syringe created by the flight can be seen on the flightradar24 website.

Four different messages

Meanwhile, Flightradar24 also released a Twitter post showing four different messages traced in the sky by pilots in 2020 with the caption: "The year 2020 summarized by 4 pilots." These included a message traced with the word NHS.

The message was made by a UK pilot whose wife worked in the NHS and was doing long hours due to the pandemic. "My wife works in the NHS, she's working insane hours and I just wanted to try and cheer her up," said pilot Dominic Cross, from Bromham, to CNN.

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However, pilots are not the only ones to be tracing messages. The Schooner Bluenose II ship sailed in the shape of a heart in September to thank Nova Scotians for their hospitality. What messages will be traced in 2021?

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