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Camera company Giroptic based in Lille, France, have just launched a Kickstarter capaign to fund the launch of its new 360 degree view HD video camera. The device can record 360 degree video at the simple click of a button and using WiFi capabilities, can stream live over the internet so that you can watch from your computer or smartphone in real time.

giroptic[Image Source: Giroptic]

giroptic6[Image Source: Giroptic]

The device has 3 fish eye-lens cameras which have 185 degree viewing angle and the three videos are synchronised and seamlessly stitched together in real time so that you can view a live stream through any WiFi enabled device. This completely eliminates the post production stage of panoramic trimming, making 360 degree panoramic shots as simple as clicking a button.

giroptic2[Image Source: Giroptic]

Weighing in at just 180 grams this egg shaped rugged device fits comfortably into your hand, offering up to 30 fps recording. It is also has an IPX8 waterproof rating with its goggles attachment meaning you can record your own true fish-eye video underwater.

giroptic4[Image Source: Giroptic]

There are also many neat little features making this device stand out. It can be connected to tripods and accessories with the universal mounting capabilities but the guys at Giroptic have also created an add-on allowing you to screw the device into a lightbulb socket. This means that it can be easily and perfectly placed for room security with 360 degrees of view. Of course as the device streams live over WiFi you can check in on your property from any computer, smartphone or tablet with internet capabilities.

giroptic5[Image Source: Giroptic]

Of course if you want a local strage solution you can insert a microSD card of your choice and record away. You can also create your own street view with the Google Photosphere compatible GPS geotagging feature.

A gyroscope also allows image stabilisation so that the twists and turns of the camera are not visible on the playback; this also keeps the image upright when mounting upside down using the lightbulb socket attachment.

giroptic3[Image Source: Giroptic]

Kickstarter backers will get the first units for $249; final retail may be substantially more, although under $500. (GoPros range from $200 to $400.) The company plans to get the first shipment out in November this year. The design is superb and a lot of thought has gone into details and tricks here, making this a damn cool device.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign.


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