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Sitting around all day is no good for the body but if you work in an office at a desk you don’t have much of a choice. That was before standing desks were thought of and thanks to these you can enjoy health benefits of not having to sit around 8 hours a day. The latest version of the standing desk went on Kickstarter and it beat its funding goal in days of its launch. It is called the Lift, a wooden unit that is very stylish and which can help you to improve not only your posture, but also your productivity.


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The Lift is from a company by the name of iSkelter and this isn’t a full standalone desk unit, rather one that you can put on top of your existing desk. The unit comes in with measurements of 37 inches across, 22.5 inches in depth and 16.2 inches in height. It offers an adjustable shelf that ranges from 3 inches to a maximum of 15 inches thanks to the notches in the side panels.


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The Lift comes in natural colour, hazelnut or bamboo and has a shelf on the bottom covered with felt material where you can keep your pens, keys or coins. It also offers numerous ways of personalising it through custom features.


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For instance, the unit has a mouse pad built in and this sits flush to the surface of the unit, there is a dry erase board which is perfect for jotting down quick notes or just doodling on when you want to ease boredom. There is a drink holder recessed into the unit along with display docks to hold such items as your phone or small tablet. The unit also has clips built in to help you keep your desk neat.

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If the developers reach their target, and there isn’t any reason to believe they won’t, you could have the Lift delivered by November for a pledge of US$248.


[Image Source: LIFT]

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