Glowstone Smart Mug Keeps Hot Drinks At The Ideal Temperature

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It doesn’t matter if you are working full time or at a home office, keeping your coffee or tea at the ideal temperature is always a problem. Meet the Glowstone Smart Mug, which keeps your drinks hot until you finish them.

For those who spend much time working and drink at least a few coffees or teas during the day, the Glowstone mug is the best mug out there for temperature control. You don’t have to take a break to refresh your drink when it gets colder, and you don't have to chug your coffee just to enjoy it while it is hot.

glowstone-heated-smart-mug-fine-bone-china-htld-still[Image source: Glowstone]

Other than being time saving, it also comes in many stylish colors, so it will soon be your favorite mug to use in the morning. You can even keep your drink the same temperature by using your smart phone’s battery!

glowstone-heated-smart-mug-fine-bone-china-mug-on-charger[Image source: Glowstone]

Glowstone was created by a 23 year old guy, Thomas Gostelow, who tried many things to keep his coffee at the same temperature, like reheating his coffee in the microwave or using thermal mugs made from metal or plastic etc.

After getting tired of all these failedsolutions, he designed his own smart mug, made from fine bone China, which doesn’t change the taste of whatever is in it, strong and is a healthy and lightweight material.

glowstone-heated-smart-mug-fine-bone-china-mug-lightbar-1[Image source: Glowstone]

He combined the fine bone China, which is an extremely good ceramic, with the latest technologies and created the fully automatic smart mug Glowstone. Now, he is running a Kickstarter campaign to develop his product and has already reached half of his goal.

glowstone-heated-smart-mug-fine-bone-china-dimensions[Image source: Glowstone]

Easy to use

First of all, there are no buttons or remotes. It has a ‘sense’ which turns on when it detects the drink is getting colder.  Lights appear on the base, which means it is starting to heat your drink to keep it warm for 30 minutes. You can use it with all kind of popular coffee machines as well.

glowstone-coffee-machines[Image source: Glowstone]

You don’t have to worry if you have to turn it off after you take the last sip. The Glowstone mug automatically switches off when you finish your drink. It is one of the only smart mugs on the market!

glowstone-heated-smart-mug-fine-bone-china-fully-automatic[Image source: Glowstone]

Washing mugs by hand is a nuisance, especially if they include any kind of electric base. However, the Glowstone is dishwasher safe, so you can just put it in the machine without worrying about it.

glowstone-heated-smart-mug-fine-bone-china-dishwasher-proof[Image source: Glowstone]

You don’t have to struggle with cables on your table to recharging the mug. The Qi coaster can be used to re-charge even your smart phone. It comes with a standard micro USB lead and plug-in power adaptor. However, the charger can be connected to any USB socket as like your laptop or computers.

glowstone-heated-smart-mug-fine-bone-china-exploded-labeled[Image source: Glowstone]

The inventor Thomas Gostelow, who is educated as a mechanical engineer, spent at least 18 months on refining his design.

“Within a 22mm (0.9") deep recess in the base, we have sealed two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, a film thermistor, a heater, a wireless power receiver and other sensors and electronics that make it fully automatic and easy to use."

glowstone-heated-smart-mug-fine-bone-china-charger[Image source: Glowstone]

"One of the biggest obstacles in the product development was being able to both effectively measure and pass heat through the base of a ceramic mug. As you may be aware, it is not easy to do this through an insulating material with an uneven surface. After various iterations of mugs, heaters, thermistors and software we found a combination that was able to deliver all the functions that we intended to include.”

glowstone-heated-smart-mug-fine-bone-china-hexagonal-decoration-a[Image source: Glowstone]

If you are into this amazing product and want learn more about it, you can check their website or take a look at the Kickstarter page to support them and have a chance to get it earlier than others!

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