Gmail Is Down for Millions Across the World

For remote workers this is very unwelcome news.
Fabienne Lang

Having issues sending files from your Gmail account? So are many people around the world right now as the email site appears to not be fully functioning for a high number of its users. 

Some aren't able to send emails, or attach files, while others simply can't even log onto the site.

Google Apps service site has acknowledged the issue and is sending regular updates that it's working on it. 


Thousands of reports are flooding in

If you jump onto Twitter, or Down Detector, you'll quickly notice the thousands of comments and reports that have been pouring in since late Wednesday night in the U.S., early Thursday morning. 

Gmail Is Down for Millions Across the World
G Suite's site explains that it's looking into the matter, but not much more is known, Source: Google

It's not just Gmail that's seemingly struggling, but the Google Drive service is suffering a few technical glitches, too. 

Gmail's service may appear to be working normally until some people try and send an email with an attached file. It then appears to take a long time to send, until ultimately a message pops up saying that the user needs to check their network, as per Engadget.

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The news isn't very welcome for many people who are working remotely at the moment, as it certainly adds stress to the workday — or would it, in fact, be liberating and allow some to relax a little more into the day? Each to their own, as this Twitter user stated: 

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