GMC EV Hummer Carves Perfect Donuts In the Snow

After an intense cold snap blanketed much of the US in snow this week, GMC decided to have a little fun.
Fabienne Lang
GMC Hummer EV carving donutsGMC/Facebook

Snow can be a bit of a nuisance in winter, you might have to shovel it off paths, scrape it off cars, and it can block entire roads. However, it can also prove to be the source of much entertainment. 

Automaker GMC decided to focus on the latter as much of the U.S. was covered beneath a blanket of snow. Earlier this week, on February 16, GMC posted a short and snappy video on its Facebook page of its EV Hummer carving beautifully round donuts in powdered snow. 

The snow sprinkles out of the way as the Hummer glides smoothly across the white powder, leaving behind perfectly circular rings. 

Not only does the video provide some light entertainment, it also showcases the EV Hummer's four-wheel-drive capabilities. 

The upcoming GMC EV Hummer Edition 1

Once it's released, the GMC EV Hummer Edition 1 — it's most powerful edition — will be able to do much more than carve circles in snow, mud, or gravel. Its standard electronically-controlled front locking differential will be able to lock both front wheels so that they can turn at the same speed, also capable of sending all of its available torque to either of those front wheels. Its rear virtual locker also allows for rear torque vectoring. 

This upcoming system also allows for fully synchronized e-4WD propulsion, as well as a tri-motor powertrain capable of producing 1,000 horsepower. It'll also have a 350 mile (563 km) range thanks to its Ultium battery pack.

We can expect to see GMC's EV Hummer ready from Autumn this year, with prices starting around the $110,000 mark. Its next edition is set to launch in Autumn 2022, with a starting price of around $99,000. 

For the time being, we'll have to make do with the donut-making snow machine that comes in the form of a GMC EV Hummer.



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