Google Absorbs Streams App to Create An “AI-Powered Assistant for Nurses and Doctors”

The Streams App could go from UK based to global with Google's backing.
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DeepMind has announced Google is absorbing its Streams app and has plans to transform it into “an AI-powered assistant for nurses and doctors everywhere.” Streams app is a created by Deepmind Health, the secure mobile app ‘aims to address what clinicians call “failure to rescue” – when the right nurse or doctor doesn’t get to the right patient in time.’ 

The app collates medical data like a patient's’ blood test results in a single location and allows doctors and nurses to review a patient's medical history quickly as well as record up to date observations. Streams integrate existing data from a range of systems into a single view. 

NHS based Streams can now go global

It is currently only used in by workers in specific facilities in the United Kingdom and only for the detection of acute kidney injury. Deepmind health announced via a blog post that the organization is joining Google as part of their goal to ‘become an AI-powered assistant for nurses and doctors everywhere - combining the best algorithms with intuitive design, all backed up by rigorous evidence.’ 

The move could mean Streams could become an essential healthcare tool for medical professionals across the globe. “This is a major milestone for DeepMind! One of the reasons for joining forces with Google in 2014 was the opportunity to use Google’s scale and experience in building billion-user products to bring our breakthroughs more rapidly to the wider world,” they wrote in the blog post.

Streams team happy to let their baby fly the nest

“It’s been amazing to put this into practice in data centre efficiency, Android battery life, text-to-speech applications, and now the work of our Streams team.” It's a smart move by Google to get in on the emerging $3 trillion health care sector

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Google recently hired Geisinger Health CEO David Feinberg to lead their push into the healthcare market. Feinberg will be tasked with organizing Google's existing fractured health initiatives and how they can work with the company's business groups. 

Google launches hard into healthcare industry.

Feinberg was appointed the top job after months of searching for an appropriate health care professional. Among Google’s health interests are the Nest home automation group and the Google Fit wearables team. 

The tech giant has stiff competition from the usual suspects like Apple and Amazon who are also rapidly making inroads into the market. Apple seems focussed on hardware while Amazon may try and expand into medical supply.

Other players include IBM Watson that employs Ai to augment doctors decisions. Oncora Health from Philidelphia is using Ai to help doctors better plan for patients radiation therapy. 

Via: DeepMind

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