Google Chrome Dark Mode Now Available For Windows 10 Users

The dark themed app might help reduce eyestrain.
Jessica Miley

Microsoft 10 users will finally be able to use Google Chrome's Dark Mode.

In the coming weeks, Google has said it will roll out stable versions of Chrome 74 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Included in the update is Dark Mode support for Windows 10. MacOS have been enjoying the feature since last month with the rollout of Chrome 73.


To use Dark Mode make sure your version of Windows 10 is up to date. While Chrome should automatically update you can ensure it has by going to the three small dots on the upper right-hand corner of the browser and then go to “help” then “about Chrome.

Google Chrome Dark mode is an app that applies muted, ‘dark’ themes to websites and social media pages to reduce eye strain and generally make things look better.

Dark and stylish

“Cover Chrome into stylish dark theme that protects your eyes from bright colors. Social networks, mainstream sites, and all other New Tabs will be all together applied into black colors. No more needs to open settings one by one for Twitter or Facebook to set dark mode - just one app brings black theme across the whole net,” reads the Dark Mode webpage.

Window users who are keen to get the theme before its official release, there are a plethora of geek sites outs there that will run you through how to force the theme to be applied to your browser ahead of time.

While it might just seem like a simple aesthetic switch, themes like Google Chrome Dark Mode can actually improve your productivity.

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Eye strain commonplace

If you spend a large amount of your day in front of a screen you’ll be familiar with the symptom of computer vision syndrome (CVS) which include eye strain, tired eyes, headache, and, muscle.

These symptoms don't only make us grumpy and exhausted they can also lead to a significant loss of concentration and therefore productivity.

Studies show that 50 to 90 percent of regular computer users suffer from visual symptoms of computer vision syndrome. Using a dark them on your computer can help offset the symptoms of CVS.

Other tips include taking regular breaks and making sure you exercise your eyes by looking at an object at different places in your focal length.

Prioritize eye health

For example, go to the window and focus on the farthest thing away from you, then choose something in the middle of your range of vision then close. Repeating this will ensure your eyes don't stay focused on your screen distance.

The final away to reduce eye strain is to check you don’t need glasses and make sure if you do wear glasses you are wearing the correct prescription.

See your local optometrist at regular intervals to make sure your records are up to date.

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